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The Museum of Education - Xeniseum of the University of Crete (C.S.R.H.E.T.P.- D.P.E.) is organizing a series of art exhibitions and two symposiums to highlight the chronic pathogens of education related to social issues not only in our country but others as well. In this direction, it works with the Kaskadenkondensator Warteck, Bruggweg (www.kasko.ch) and the Kunst Institut in Basel, Switzerland, and with artists from the Athens School of Fine Arts.

In this context, actions will be fulfilled; workshops and the presentation of art installations in selected venues in the City of Rethymno will take place from the 5st to the 27th of October 2019, with a central theme: "UNFROZEN EDUCATION - Or How to Relearn". The theme of the exhibition aims to explore and highlight, through the means and capabilities provided by Visual Arts, problems of climate change occurring on our planet with its catastrophic consequences and the need to systematically address it internationally, through education of the citizens of modern societies. This is perhaps the only hope for changing attitudes and policies. The utilization of the historical argument in this case and the history of our education are considered to be of enormous importance by the community of academic teachers and artists, and is the reason for this synergy.

Artists and academicians from Greece and abroad (America, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Italy) will participate in the exhibition.

Co-organizers include:

    • Region of Crete
    • Non-Profit Organization of the Municipality of Rethymno
    • Athens School of Fine Arts
    • Art Institute at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design, Basel, Switzerland



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