Museum of Education


The Museum of Education of the University of Crete, which is supported by the Region of Crete, was founded with the aim of: pursuing, recording, preserving, exhibiting and scientific study of the educational school background and the history of the teaching profession during the period of modern Greek history, its conventional and digital promotion, its interconnection with Greek educational and school reality and its promotion as an added European cultural value and important historical parameter for school of the 21st century.

It contains historical material and rare evidence from the Heraklion Pedagogical Academy as well as important exhibits of Greek schools from the late 18th century up to the late 20th century.

The cultural education programs designed and implemented in its collections aim, through contact with rich educational materials and heirlooms, to enhance the cultural ties of pupils, students, teachers and the general public with the cultural-educational history of the area and with the historical educational past.

By utilizing exhibit material as well as the tools provided by new technologies, visitors are actively involved in psychosomatic and kinesthetic activities, in order to creatively reflect on their present and build a universal human cultural consciousness. In this way they become 'active', enhancing their museum learning and experience, and are pushed to a different and innovative 'reading' and 'interpretation' of our museum culture.