School Gardens

An educational program implemented by the Museum in collaboration with the Green Service of the Municipality of Rethymnon which concerns students of the Department of Education and pupils of Primary Education with the aim of revitalizing school gardens. Starting with the creation of the CSRHETP garden, designed and cultivated to the standards of a school garden, students expand their activities in Rethymnon schools, co-forming school gardens with the pupils of the school. This gives an opportunity for experiential learning while at the same time bridging the distance between nature and the city. At the same time, utilizing the historical knowledge of Education History related to environmental issues, they discuss the reasons for the existence of school gardens and develop their ecological consciousness by immersing themselves in experiential concepts such as: sustainability, livability, environment, sustainable development, improvement of quality of life, ecosystem, and correct use of environment resources, green growth and green economy. Students interaction with nature can contribute to the development of exploratory and experimental skills as well as the manifestation of responsible environmental behavior.

Along with the design of school gardens, students undertook the "adoption" of green flower beds in various parts of the city in the context of sustainable development.



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